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Environmental Voices Academy

Environmental Voices Academy

What is EVA?

The Environmental Voices Academy (EVA) is a year round program for high school and college age students interested in climate issues. Students are provided with a powerful combination of climate justice curriculum and real-life advocacy tools to take action on environmental issues affecting their communities. With opportunities for growth in leadership roles, paid fellowships, mentorship, networking, and hands-on advocacy education and experiences, EVA is a unique and empowering program for youth across Ventura County!

What do we do?

Each month, students participate in one remote webinar/workshop meeting where they are provided with an environmental advocacy curriculum by CFROG staff and partners from Patagonia, California State University Channel Islands, and local community leaders. Students also attend one remote working group meeting each month where they design and execute advocacy plans with peers from across the county to create impactful change in their communities. The rubber meets the road at community events and activities outside of the scheduled meeting times, which will vary in time and frequency. 

How long does EVA last?

The EVA program runs throughout the year. Students are eligible to receive a graduation certificate after six months of active participation in the program, including attending six webinars, six working group meetings, and contributing significantly to the development and execution of an advocacy plan. Students are strongly encouraged to continue participating in EVA even after they receive their certificates and are eligible for paid fellowships and other leadership roles within CFROG’s youth programming. 

Why should I sign up?

You are passionate about environmental issues and you want to create impactful change in Ventura County (and beyond)! As you progress in the program, you will be able to articulate a climate-action theory of change, use powerful storytelling techniques to communicate climate action and environmental justice messages, and develop concrete advocacy plans with your peers. You’ll work to identify community leadership roles you could pursue, create a roadmap of change in your own community, and develop and execute plans to influence climate policy at the local level.


EVA participants will be poised to pursue careers in political science, climate policy, and environmental science. Through participation in the program, you’ll become part of a life-long network of environmental advocates and scientists who will have your back as you pursue your own career goals. Sign up below to start on your path towards becoming a fierce, effective climate justice advocate.

To get started, fill out this interest form!

For more information, contact Abrah Steward at

EVA Student Fellowships

CFROG is pleased to offer paid student fellowships to EVA participants who demonstrate leadership and dedication to fighting the climate crisis.

Two EVA Student Fellows are hired each semester. Fall fellowships run from September-December and spring fellowships run from February-May. CFROG is now accepting applications for the Fall 2023 EVA Student Fellowship! Learn how to apply below. 

Fellow Responsibilities

  • Fellows will work 5 hours each week for a period of four months, totaling 80 hours throughout the fellowship.
  • Fellows will join and participate in one Webinar, one Working Group meeting, and bi-weekly check-in meetings with the Program Manager each month. Fellows are also expected to attend community events which will vary in time and frequency. 
  • Fellows will help lead monthly Working Group meetings, including meeting preparation, facilitation, and follow-up. 
  • Fellows will contribute to the development of their work plan in collaboration with the Program Manager.

Fellows will be compensated at a rate of $17/hour, paid on a bi-weekly basis, totaling $1,360 throughout the fellowship.

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit either a short video (about 3-minutes) OR a 1-page letter discussing the following:


  • Introduce yourself and your background.
  • Describe why you are interested in participating in this fellowship.
  • What knowledge and/or skills do you already have that make you a good fit for this fellowship?
  • What knowledge and/or skills would you hope to gain through participating in this fellowship?
  • Are there any activities, actions, plans, or tactics that you would be especially interested in applying throughout this fellowship?


Please submit your application via email to Abrah Steward at with the subject line: “EVA Fellowship Application.”

 Applications for the Fall 2023 Fellowship must be submitted by September 15th at 11:59pm.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

EVA is open to all high school and college aged students in Ventura County. 

Is EVA competitive?

No, EVA is open to all students at all times. Please sign up for our 2023 Kick-Off Meeting on September 29th here, or reach out to Abrah Steward at for more information!

What does it cost?

EVA is free to all participants. The cost is covered thanks to grants from the California Air Resources Board and the McCune Foundation. 

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