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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

CFROG relies upon the expertise of our Advisory Board to ensure our advocacy work is grounded in up-to-date information, current legal frameworks, and scientific fact. Because the oil and gas industry frequently attacks our work on baseless grounds, we depend upon our expert advisors to help dispel and debunk the myths and misinformation put forth by serial polluters in our community. 

Our Advisory Board serves as inoculation against the huge PR budgets that churn out content to confuse and deceive the public through “alternative facts”. 

Annelise Anderle

Petroleum Engineer

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Leif Dautch


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Carol Lindberg

Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation

Bruce Smith

Ventura County Planner, Retired

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Steve Colome, Sc.D.

Environmental Health Scientist

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Robin Gerber

Leadership Coach

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Sarah Otterstrom

Paso Pacifico

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Michael Shapiro

Film Maker, Producer

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Ruth Cooper, MFT

Therapist and youth mentor

Richard Holly


Vicki Peters

GIS Specialist

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Adam Vega

Clinicas del Camino Real

Robert Coronado

Environmental Attorney

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Severo Lara

Former Ojai Mayor

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Cameron Robertson

Los Angeles County Planner

Jimmy Young

Small Business Owner