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My People, My Air

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My People, My Air (Mi Gente, Mi Aire) provides members of impacted communities with the information needed to protect themselves from air pollution. We believe that people should be able to know what they’re breathing, what the causes are, and have a say in building the solutions.

My People My Air

This program is funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) under CA Assembly Bill 617. Under this law, CARB dedicates funds to work with community organizations like CFROG to learn more about emissions and reduce exposure to air pollution in heavily impacted communities.

Through a partnership with Clinicas del Camino Real and Patagonia, we have installed high-sensitivity air monitoring systems at health clinic locations in Oxnard and West Ventura. These monitors pick up on Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and other pollutants not measured by standard air monitoring systems. CFROG is gathering air quality data that is not currently available through government agencies’ monitoring programs, providing a greater level of air quality data that may inform health impacts and pollution burdens in vulnerable neighborhoods in Ventura County. 

Through community outreach and education, My People, My Air (Mi Gente, Mi Aire) also provides residents of environmental justice communities in Oxnard and Ventura with information about local air quality, its public health impacts, and opportunities to engage in the public decision-making process.

Advanced, moderate- to low-cost air monitors for gaseous pollutants (Aeroqual) and particulate matter (PurpleAir) are placed in designated disadvantaged communities in Ventura County to fill data gaps. These data and community knowledge are used to increase awareness regarding air quality and promote civic engagement among residents to reduce air pollution in impacted neighborhoods.

PurpleAir: Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

Courtesy - PurpleAir